West Redding Volunteer fire department

West Redding and Bethel Volunteers Conduct Truck Company Training

On July 15th, members from both the West Redding and Bethel Fire Departments came together to work on their truck company skills. (Truck company skills typically include search and rescue, ventilation, and forcible entry, among others.)

Utilizing a donated house in our district, members focused on training with some of the various uses of ladders on the fire ground. Members conducted evolutions including alternative ladder carries, deployment of roof ladders for vertical ventilation and vent enter search. West Redding EMS personnel provided firefighter rehabilitation and honed their skills taking vital signs throughout the drill. Despite the high heat and humidity, it was a successful night with members sharpening old skills and gaining some new ones.

West Redding would like to thank the Bethel Fire Department for participating in this valuable training.

"The West Redding Fire Department is dedicated to providing professional emergency service to its coverage area. Training such as this allows us to provide the best service possible."

"Training at donated structures such as this is some of the most realistic training we can get. If you have a structure or vehicle that you can donate to the firehouse, this donation would be very appreciated!"  ~Chris Berry