West Redding Volunteer fire department

Open House - April 15, 2018 10am-2pm: The West Redding Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting an Open House to celebrate National Volunteer Day.​ It will be fun for the whole family. Invite your friends too! We are also looking for volunteers to join our department.  More details about the event...

New Perks for Fire Department Volunteers?

Come Celebrate! National Volunteer Week

On this, the West Redding Volunteer Fire Department’s 100th Anniversary, an attempt has been made to gather, document and preserve as much information as possible about the department’s history.
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News & Events

April 3, 2016: One of the things that make Redding great is the strength of her volunteers. "On Saturday, I was honored to be invited to attend a workshop initiated by the West Redding Fire Department on Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Leadership. It was so informative, that I signed up to help..." Read full article on hello, News CT

Boost Sought for Fire Staffing

March 16, 2016: Town leaders and the fire chiefs of Redding’s three volunteer departments, West Redding, Redding Ridge and Georgetown, said Monday they plan to look at ways to increase volunteerism within the departments. Read article on the TheReddingPilot.com

Officials look to recruit, retain volunteer members

March, 2016: REDDING — Town leaders and fire chiefs have been struggling for months with how to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters, prompting the creation of a task force to come up with ideas. Read article on Danbury NewsTimes.com

West Redding Volunteer Fire Department Helps Lower Fire Region’s ISO Rating

In The News:  "WRVFD: 100 Years of Volunteer Service, A History"

Video Clip from CBS Show: "I've Got A Secret" featuring the West Redding Fire Department 

WRVFD helps lower fire region's ISO rating

Redding’s Fire Departments Need YOU!

This clip aired on August 4, 1961. Tom Lally, Jack Sanford, Ken Bell, Monty Bonsignore, and Vincent Paradise and the host discuss a fire that occurred in their own firehouse.  ​Check out the video clip & more details…

October 8, 2016: The West Redding VFD was able to improve its ISO rating by instituting a policy to document the number of members responding to calls over the course of the year. These ratings are used by insurance companies and can affect the price of home insurance.​ Read article on the TheReddingPilot.com