Our Current Apparatus Includes:

Engine 1 1999 MACK MARION 

Engine 1 is our first due piece of apparatus for all fire related calls, from fire alarms to structure fires. Engine 1 can carry 5 firefighters to the scene and is equipped with structural firefighting equipment. Engine 1 also responds to motor vehicle accidents. This piece of apparatus also responds mutual aid throughout town and for out-of-town responses.


Class A Pumper
Seats 5
1000 gallons of water
1250 GPM Pump
Holmatro cutters & combination tool 
350 Mack Motor 
1500 ft, 5-in supply line

2007 Mack Granite / Pierce

There are no hydrants in West Redding's coverage area and as a result Tanker 2 is a very important part of our fleet. The tanker shuttles water from a water source such as a river or cistern to the fire. This piece responds to all structure fires in town.

Class A Pumper

Seats 3

3000 gallons of water
1250 GPM Pump

427 Mack Motor

1500 ft, 5-in supply line

2008 Ford E-450 / Lifeline Ambulance

W50 is our ambulance for all medical and traumatic calls.

Seats 4 + patient 
Lifeline body 

2011 Polaris Diesel Ranger 4x4

Equipped with Kimtek Medlite Transport for woodland search and rescue.         

Engine 3 1992 MACK Marion


Class A Pumper

Seats 2
500 Gallons of water

1250 GPM Pump
1500 ft, 5-inch supply line

Rescue 5 Ford F-Super Duty XLT 

4 Wheel Drive
12 ft Walk In Marion Body
Seats 6
Capabilities- High/Low Angle Rescues
Scott 4 Gas Meter
24 inch spreaders Holmatro
36 in RAM
Cutters/Power UNIT
Box Cribbing Ice Water Rescue Gear
Generator- Honda 5K SX
Paratec struts
Haz mat supplies 
Multiple Hand tools

Brush 4 1999 Ford F 450 4x4

250 Gallons of water 
Seats 3 
2 Stihl chain saws 500 ft 1 ½ hose 
200 ft 2 ½ hose
Hand tools- axes, brush rakes, brooms 
8 Indian Tanks 

“Apparatus” is the term used by firefighters to describe vehicles and equipment that have been customized for use during firefighting operations. 

Fire engine red is the most common color for firefighting apparatus. That said, it is not a requirement; Some communities within cities will often use different colors to distinguish their apparatus.

Lime-yellow is also a popular color, as it has been proven to be a significantly safer color for emergency vehicles because of its increased visibility.

The West Redding Volunteer Fire Department is committed to safety and all apparatus used meets the standards and requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association.


West Redding Volunteer fire department